Anonymous asked:

I feel like the world's largest hypocrite. I constantly talk a few of my friends down from suicide, while I also am highly suicidal. I just don't know if I can keep up the facade that everything will be alright... How do I tell my friends that I can't help them because I'm as damaged as they are?

That’s the best way to keep them from hurting themselves. Tell them how you feel and there will be a mutual understanding. Trust me after two failed suicide attempts and years of depression and even self harm at times, I find it helps to share. Here’s why: they don’t want to lose you as much as you don’t want to lose them. Help each other. Also, remember I’m for you as well ,and can talk to me without judgment. Don’t feel like hypocrite it’s okay to let your friends confide in you and hold back from them. What you share is up to you, and no one else. Don’t feel you need to share as much as they do. I hope this helps my darlin’. Always ask for help and keep safe. :)